• Vera Hartmuth

    Vera Hartmuth

  • Precious Osoba

    Precious Osoba

    Marketing, Behavioural Research & Strategic Insights.

  • Dena Warfield

    Dena Warfield

    Writer & Classical Musician: Using faith in God to weave truth into stories that help with personal struggles. Larryswarfieldmusic.com & DenaWarfield.com

  • Graham McDonell

    Graham McDonell

    Part time writer, developer, and content creator

  • Gray Rat

    Gray Rat

    I spare the plague.

  • Kevin Rovere

    Kevin Rovere

    Empathetic Marketer. Sharing Storys. Moments. Decisions. Thoughts. Thankful for every engaging conversation.

  • Naomi Irons

    Naomi Irons

    Do It Yourself projects enthusiast. Celebrating creativity everyday. I’ve been killing it in the organization arena for over 10 years.

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