Optimising Post-lockdown Clicks with eBay and Drapers

How has fashion responded to COVID-19? What’s been the change in consumer behaviour?

As Jemma comments, fashion has always been at the mercy of external events, from unpredictable weather, to the economy and politics. However, lockdown and the last few months have been particularly challenging. ‘Our fashion sales fell off a cliff. We have over 6.5 million eBay Fashion shoppers, and I was worried I wouldn’t have a job.”

What has eBay done to help?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has meant lots of stores were forced to close- and eBay waived all the fees to join the marketplace. Jemma said: ‘eBay onboarded tens of thousands of new businesses in the first 90 days of lockdown, and upskill people who hadn’t really sold online before.

The importance of data and what’s the future?

Consumers are more digital than they ever were, and eCommerce has gone from ‘an imperative’ to ‘the imperative’ to win the hearts and minds of customers. Wendy reflected on the importance of contactless, click-and-collect, and different delivery methods. Customers are more digital and connected than ever before, and have expectations for brands to meet them where they are.



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