The benefits of paying into a pension before the end of March

For Limited Company Directors: Pay in and reduce your corporation tax bill.

  • Pensions contributions paid from your company are treated as a business expense.
  • Revenue — expenses = profit.
  • Profit is taxed. Currently at 19%.

For Higher rate taxpayers — Pay in now and reduce your next tax bill!

  • Basic rate taxpayers- for every £1,000 you put in, the government will add £250. We’ll claim your additional 25% for you.
  • Higher rate taxpayers, not only do you get the same top-up from the government, but you may also claim a further 25% back in your tax return.
  • 31st March is the end of the financial year for a lot of companies, so it makes sense to pay in now before you close your books. There’ll also be a new budget coming out on 11th March, and who knows what that will bring for everyone- get it sorted now.
  • Limited company owners can use pension contributions to reduce their profit, and therefore, their corporation tax.
  • For everyone else, you get a 25% top up from the government that we arrange for you.
  • Higher rate tax payers can claim even more back in their tax return — but you need to make that payment before the end of the tax year!



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