The impact of self-service and service automation on incremental net revenue and customer satisfaction

Many businesses are struggling to cope with the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 and are looking at introducing automated processes to the way in which they serve their customers. As many businesses were unprepared for the enforcement of working from home it’s difficult to keep employees safe, deal with additional call volumes, and manage uncertainty right in a fully remote environment. Without access to essential tools, some tasks have become manual and time-consuming, and this is having an impact on the level of service brands are able to provide. One of the top tips to manage this environment is by leveraging automation. This isn’t about robots taking over- it’s about supporting call centre staff and empowering them to be able to help more people, more effectively. Automated processes are not only useful whilst the world tries to manage the effects of the virus, but they will also help businesses improve their customer satisfaction and increase revenue for the long-term. How can you get started?

Reflect on your company

1. Reduce call volumes with a knowledge base or FAQ page

You could quickly survey your service team and ask them to note down the most commonly asked questions. Record one of the calls, and use that information to write the answer for your FAQ page. Better yet, repurpose physical location staff to write these answers using their in-depth customer knowledge.

Here’s a great example of this from retail brand Asos. They’ve positioned their FAQ at the very top of their homepage, and then broken the FAQ down into multiple sections, a search box, and positioned the ‘contact us’ at the very bottom of the page to reduce the number of inbound enquiries they receive.

2. Create guided processes

3. Create an omnichannel approach

4. Focus on automated user experience solutions

5. Skill-based routing

(Still from a video by someone in the Trailblazer Community)

6. Entitlements

7. Milestones and escalation rules

If you are interested in implementing any of the above automated processes into your business, we can help. We’re experts in Salesforce Service Cloud, as well as improving productivity, helping you save time and increase revenue for the long term.

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