Win and grow on European marketplaces

A broader strategy

  1. What role does each marketplace play in my overall brand goals? (i.e, international expansion, shifting discounted or overstocked product, or brand awareness)
  2. What will you stock on each marketplace? For example, will you stock discounted items only, your full product array, or only a selection of items?
  3. How will you handle the technology? It has become much easier to connect to marketplaces with a solutions provider that integrates your back-end system and connects you to multiple marketplaces.
  4. What ecosystem will I need? Companies like ChannelEngine offer a complete toolkit that handles content management, translation, taxes, and financial administration, while also delivering advanced pricing and repricing tools tailored to match each marketplace and country. But you’ll also need to consider fulfillment and what you want to do in-house.

Local marketplaces

How to win on marketplaces



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